Seal of Approval!

This week’s photo challenge is Relic.  I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of old buildings, rusting cars and trucks, old machinery, etc. and was having a hard time trying to decide which photo would best fit the challenge.  Then I slid off the road.  I was putting dishes away and it dawned on me that these two pieces of Tupperware were 30 yrs old.  30 YEARS OLD!  These are the two remaining pieces I bought from a Tupperware party I attended in 1984 (OK, I might be pushing the 30 yrs, it might have been 1985 which would make them 29) when I was an airman living in the barracks at Eielson AFB, AK.


Tupperware Final


Note the seal in the picture below.  I really haven’t found a container I trust as much as Tupperware for leak-proof storage.


Tupperware (1) Final


The containers are stained, marred, and show some melt marks but they still do their job day in and day out.  This is the type of construction I came to expect when I saw “Made in America”.


Tupperware (3) Final


So, how old is YOUR oldest piece of Tupperware?



13 thoughts on “Seal of Approval!

  1. Relics in a very relative fashion, and very amusing!
    Whatever happened to the Seal of Approval? -sad-
    I remember Tupperware parties being all the rage in the neighborhood of my childhood; however my mother being a Depression-era farm girl would have nothing to do with plastic of any kind. Other kids had their PBJs in nice little plastic baggies, mine was in waxed paper. -smile-
    Nowadays I live out of plastic storage, everything has it’s container… books, blankets, clothes, tools and of course all the nuts and bolts.
    Oh yeah, food too…

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  2. I have you beat. I received some Tupperware for a wedding shower in 1968 and still keep flour and sugar in them along with misc. pieces for leftover storage. I agree, “it was made to last”!!

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  3. I LOVE Tupperware. My parents always swore by it, that these containers were made to hold food – and other random things like stationary – for years to come. We have Tupperware in our cupboards from about ten years ago, a little faded but they still do the job. Maybe one day Tupperware will become ancient, and they may be worth a lot. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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